This Is Me.

At 17, I stepped into my first yoga class as part of my recovery from anorexia and orthorexia. The first moment in class, I was told to breathe. I panicked. I thought I knew how to breathe? What does this even mean? I wish I could say that I was hooked from the very first class and that I was changed in that moment, but just like all things in life, it is a process. Yoga is an everlasting, constant process filled with patience and trust. So while I began the process of yoga merely for its physical aspects, which left me never fully satisfied, I somehow continued to come back to my mat again and again. 

As I continued to come back and breathe, the physicality of the practice started to turn into an added bonus. Instead, the breath began to be the practice.  And it all started to make sense. 

Yoga is not just a practice that I do on my mat when I need to breathe again. It  is a practice that  infiltrates my life and my relationships with others and myself. I now understood that regardless of future hardships or obstacles, they would never be as bad as before because this time I had yoga. This time I would have my breath.  

When I truly understood the full possibility of the healing power of yoga, I knew I did not want to save this healing power for myself. I needed to share this with all of those around me. 

This passion led me to complete my 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training at Balanced Yoga in Columbus, OH in February 2018. I fell in love even more with the teachings of yoga and the gifts it provides.  

Society often tells us that we need to be perfect and that until we are, we will never be enough. Yoga tells us that we are whole. We are full. We are enough, just as we are. Society often tells us that we are weak if we are vulnerable. Yoga tells us that vulnerability is power. Yoga reminds us that when we share our deepest parts of ourselves with others, that is when true human connection occurs. Society often tells us that we can’t do things: jobs, relationships, goals, whatever it may be. Yoga tells us that we can do absolutely anything, even if it is for just one more breath. Society often tells us to live in constant comparison. Yoga tells us to listen to our body and do what our intrinsic self desires. Society often tells us to meticulously assess our flaws and be in a constant pursuit to change them. Yoga tells us to love every inch of our being: body, mind and soul. Yoga tells us that we are enough. We will always be enough. We deserve care and acceptance and love, no matter what.


My goal with my teaching is to share all of this and more. Join me in the pursuit of loving and empowering your whole self ~ body, mind and soul.

Aspen, CO

Balanced Yoga Teacher Trainee Class: Columbus, OH

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